Granite and Quartz Slabs for Sale

  • Golden Supreme
  • Emperador Dark
  • Emperador Dark Zoom
  • Rocky Mt Slab
  • Peacock Supreme Black
  • Copper Canyon
  • Black Cosmic HCN D 525
  • Crema Bordeaux JCB 8-14 on black
  • Autumn Gold Black LG
  • Giallo Vicenza Black
  • Green Marinace JBL
  • Verde Marinache HEZ
  • Black Marinache HFD 1
  • Golden Supreme Zoom
  • Spring-White-Leather
  • Emperador Light
  • Tobacco
  • Emperador Light Zoom
  • Odyssey-Persa
  • Kashmir Gold Slab Web
  • Sienna Bordeaux Slab

These are just a few of the colors available. We work with many different suppliers that import stone from all around the world. Don't choose your counters from a small sample square. We will show you the entire slab that will be used for your project.

To see more check out some of our suppliers.

Venezia Stone, Inc.

Dente Classic Stone

United Stones International

LG Viatera

Corian Quartz