Making Creekside Granite great!

In this industry, there is a wealth of knowledge available if you know where to look for it. Justin still says " the SFA saved, and made my business". The Stone Fabricators Alliance is one of Justin's favorite groups of people. When the world was normal, we were traveling multiple times a year with this group to expos and trade shows to share information about that industry. Test products, share vendors, buy tooling, and network. For many years Justin has been involved in the group as the "Cage Manager" and is responsible to be the person in charge of the tooling and product displays, and any demonstrations that are being presented in that segment of the show. Throughout his time with the SFA he has met people from all over the world and maintains working relationships with many of them today. Humans are an invaluable asset, and the old saying "It's not what you know, but who you know" rings true often for Justin. 

Today the showroom has expanded to a full display of the products and services we offer from countertops in natural materials like granite, marble, and quartzite to tile sales for backsplash and flooring, faucets, cabinets and so much more. We have started importing our own material from Brazil also. Instead of buying material from companies that ship it to the United States, we have started cutting out the middle man to save money for our clients as well as expand the selections of materials we have on hand when clients visit our showroom and fabrication facility. Seeing all of the gorgeous stones is worth the stop to our shop. It is amazing to know that every slab that is in our shop was MADE BY THE EARTH is pretty shocking when you stand back and look at the details that they all carry. We love seeing all of the new materials and look forward to the next shipment from our friends in Brazil. Also, we are happy to fabricate Quartz countertops and have many lovely suppliers for those materials as well. The process is slightly different, but we can generally receive the material shortly after order to get it prepared for the fabrication and installation process. 

I look forward to keeping our clients updated on the growing business, as well as new clients that have not seen us before. Keep an eye out for the upcoming additions to the blog postings. We will be sharing completed projects, photos, materials, and so much more! Stay Tuned!